BioGuard 3" SilkGuard Complete Tablets - 7.5 Lbs.

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An exclusive new sanitizer formula that builds on 50 years of proven innovations and takes it even further. SilkGuard Complete upgrades pool care by providing better all-around performance. It works on all pool types, with all pumps and in all applications. It's an exclusive, differentiated offering that simplifies your chlorine sanitizer selection. That's because BioGuard merged the best of their two previous technologies and added algae-fighting crystals for both sticks & tabs.

SilkGuard Complete Sticks & Tabs are BioGuard's newest technology for pool sanitation. SilkGuard Complete is designed for all pool applications and compatible with all types of pumps. These new sticks & tabs contain SmartGuard and are ideal for skimmer chlorination. The level of SmartGuard has been optimized for use with all types of pumps, including variable speed. This improved formula of the new sticks & tabs can be used in chlorinators or floaters, if desired. The new sticks & tabs will continue to provide SilkGuard benefits, which means protection against corrosion, scale and metal staining, as well as softer feeling water. Finally, this new formulation includes an additional algicide to help add another layer of protection against troublesome algae blooms.

SilkGuard Complete Benefits:

SilkGuard Complete provides all the traditional benefits pool owners expect from BioGuard sanitizers by bringing together many proven technologies and improving upon them. In addition to those benefits pool owners have enjoyed, SilkGuard Complete also provides an added layer of protection against algae with algae-fighting crystals. SilkGuard Complete also includes SilkGuard (to help prevent corrosion, scale, staining as well as soften water), SmartGuard (to control dissolution to provide a longer lasting product), and SunShield (to protect from sunlight degradation). This new formula for SilkGuard Complete creates a product optimized for all pools, all pumps, and all applications.

* Softer-feeling water using SilkGuard technology
* Long-lasting performance thanks to SmartGuard technology
* Greater algae prevention by adding algae-killing crystals

Dosage Instructions:

* It is recommended to start with 16 oz per 10,000 gallons in a skimmer
* Adjust the amount as needed to maintain 1-4 ppm free chlorine
* For chlorinators and floaters, adjust the output to maintain 1-4 ppm free chlorine

SilkGuard Complete has been designed for use in all product application methods including skimmers, feeders, and floaters. The product was formulated with SmartGuard, making it ideal for skimmer application. The presence of SmartGuard, allows for slower dissolution, which might require an adjustment to the feeder output settings to maintain 1-4 ppm free chlorine.


Trichloro-s-triazinetrione: 91.57%
Copper Sulfate pentahydrate (metallic copper equivalent 0.25%): 0.99%
Other Ingredients: 7.44%
Available Chlorine: 84.%