BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit 24,000 Gallons

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To avoid costly spring problems (algae, cloudy water, high chlorine demand) properly prepare your pool for the winter using Artic Blue Winter Shock. This quick-dissolving, non-clouding product oxidizes organic wastes, provides chlorine protection, helps keep pool surfaces clean, and helps protect water during the off season months. May be used in swimming pools with all types of surfaces and filter systems.



  • Chlorinating-oxidizing treatment ideal for vinyl, painted and fiberglass pools
  • Non-clouding
  • Quick Dissolving
  • Ideal for all pool surface types

Application instructions:

  1. Ensure all pool equipment is working properly. Clean or backwash filter following manufacturer’s directions. Balance the water according to manufacturer's recommendations. Adjust pH to between 7.4-7.6. Check for metals and if present, before using this product, add a stain and scale inhibitor to prevent staining of pool surface due to metals. When using other products as outlined in the directions for this product, always follow directions on those products.
  2. Use one pound of Artic Blue Winter Shock per 6,000 gallons of water. Broadcast directly into the water in the deep end of the pool. To prevent damage to pool surface, use a pool brush to disperse any un-dissolved granules which may have settled to the bottom of the pool.
  3. Circulate water for several hours, or preferably overnight, then apply a winter algae preventative following appropriate label directions. Turn pump off. Drain equipment or add suitable swimming pool antifreeze to equipment to prevent freeze damage. Follow equipment manufacturer’s directions. Installation of a pool cover is recommended. A second treatment of Winter Shock II in mesh covered or non-covered pools is recommended prior to water freezing (mid-winter). For this application, the product should be pre-dissolved in a clean, plastic bucket of water, and the resulting solution poured into the pool as far away from the side of the pool as is practical. Always add this product to cool, clean water. Never add water to this product.