BioGuard Balance Complete 8 lb

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Elevate your pool maintenance routine with BioGuard Balance Complete 8 lb, the essential solution for ensuring the longevity and enjoyment of your aquatic oasis. Designed to streamline your pool care, this advanced formula focuses on the crucial aspects of water balance—pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium hardness. By incorporating Balance Complete into your regimen, you not only reduce the frequency of pool maintenance but also safeguard your equipment and pool surfaces, optimizing chlorine effectiveness. Say goodbye to eye irritation and hello to enhanced swimmer comfort, as the meticulously crafted formula prevents pH swings, keeping your pool water consistently balanced. Dive into the joy of hassle-free pool maintenance and revel in the peace of mind that comes with BioGuard's commitment to pool perfection.

Product Features:

  • Improves water clarity and sparkle
  • Maintains pH and alkalinity
  • Prevents swings, keeps water balanced longer
  • Protects equipment and surfaces for optimal chlorine effectiveness
  • Improves swimmer comfort by preventing eye irritation
  • Works best in trichlor-based pools
  • Easy weekly treatment


While walking around the edge of the pool, broadcast product evenly across the deepest area while pool is not in use and pump is running.

  • Test and Balance: Before using this product, test and balance Total Alkalinity using BioGuard Balance Pak 100 to the acceptable range of 125-150ppm. Continue to test pH weekly and adjust as needed.
  • Dosage: Weekly, as part of normal pool maintenance routine, add this product using the dosage chart below.