ClearView Animal 22" All Purpose Pebble Brush with Grit Bristle

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The 22" Pro Animal Pebble Brush with Grit Bristle takes brushing your pool to a whole new level. It's grit bristles are the right match for scrubbing Pebble-Tec and other aggregate surface pools. It's straight body style ensures full bristle contact for maximum clean while it's curved ends allow easier access to the crevices and corners of your swimming pool. Two built-in magnets are a handy solution to retrieve stain causing metal objects off the floor. Designed with the professional in mind, the Pro Animal series is built to last and ready to perform.

Product Details:

  • No Metal - no corrosion, no pole damage, no vinyl liner tearing, no rust causing screws to leave behind
  • Stronger - the patented SpeedLock collar strengthens the tool connection while still allowing it to flex and bend when needed
  • Pole Protection - the pole fits in the SpeedLock collar, eliminating pole flare damage, and extending the life of your pole
  • Corner Brushing - exclusive bristled end caps designed for brushing in those difficult corners
  • Flexible and Durable - constructed of high impact plastics that give this brush both strength and flexibility
  • Magnetic - strong magnets allow you to quickly pick up those rust causing metal objects
  • Pro Grit - heavy duty pro grit bristles for deep down dirt and algae removal
  • Surfaces - can be used on pebble and aggregate surfaces