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The Pool Pals Pro Animal Leaf Skimmer is a professional grade pool cleaning tool that features fully replaceable Handle, Rim Protector and net. The net easily allows the water to flow freely while trapping small debris and large leafs into the skimmer and allows for easy debris removal by simply shaking out the net. It attaches to a standard size pole and includes a EZ Touch V-Clip Springs for quick attachment and the SpeedLock Collar eliminates pole flare damage, extending the life of your pole.

Product Features:

  • Mesh Bag - Standard Mesh Bag for picking up normal to larger size debris.
  • No Metal - No corrosion, no pole damage, no vinyl liner tearing and no rust causing screws.
  • Stronger - The patented SpeedLock collar strengthens the tool connection while still allowing it to flex and bend when needed.
  • Pole Protection - The pole fits into the SpeedLock collar, eliminating pole flare damage, extending the life of your pole.