Meyco 25 x 50 Rectangle MeycoLite Mesh Green Safety Pool Cover

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Meyco Safety Pool Cover Details:
Shape: Rectangle
Pool Size: 25' x 50'
Cover Size: 27' 6" x 52' 6"
Square Footage of Cover: 1,443
Sets of Hardware: 34
Material2 MeycoLite Mesh
Fabric Color: Forest Green
Warranty Period: 12 Years

Stock rectangle covers will fit your in-ground Pool if:

* The pool length and/or width is up to 3" smaller than "Pool Size" listed, and there is a minimum of 36" of deck available.
* The pool length and/or width is up to 3" larger than "Pool Size" listed, and there is a minimum of 30" of deck available and the coping is less than 10" wide or less.
* All Stock Meyco Safety Covers are only available in Forest Green

All Required Hardware Included:

* Standard Brass Screw-Type Anchors
* Stainless Steel Compression Springs 7 1/2"
* Anchor Tamping Tool
* Steel Installation Rod
* Stainless Steel Buckles
* Storage Bag
* Vinyl Spring Covers
* Hex Key 15"

MeycoLite Mesh Safety Cover Specifications:

* Weight Per Square Yard: 4.4 oz
* Filtration: Minimal
* Sun Block: 95% Shade
* Off-Season Maintenance: Little or no maintenance required
* Benefit: Light weight and easy to handle; has the most versatility
* Warranty: 12 Years
* Increased strength, sun block, and filtering
* 20% more fabric, increased strength, sunblock, & filtering when compared to industry standards

Meyco Facts:

Everyone trusts the original! Here just a few of the reasons why.

* High-Grade Threading is white polyester bonded marine grade for longer lasting, superior UV protection & stronger seams
* Stronger Webbing is 45% stronger than any competing cover
* Low profile & lightweight that does not stiffen after years of use
* Quality Hardware includes non-corrosive solid brass anchors, stainless steel buckles, & springs will not rust or stain deck
* Unique Design is industry leading, patented design applications for exotic pools
* Reliability of over 50 years and counting!