PoolEye Inground Alarm System with Infrared Perimeter Detection

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PoolEye Alarm System PE22 for in-ground pools, with infrared perimeter detection

PoolEye(TM) alarms are equipped with the most advanced pool alarm technology available subsurface wave detection. PoolEye(TM) alerts you to accidental falls into the pool and unwanted pool intrusion while eliminating false alarms from wind, rain, falling leaves, etc. It detects objects weighing 15 lbs or more entering the pool, and all models feature adjustable sensitivity. A PoolEye(TM) alarm is an essential addition to any pool safety program.

All aboveground pool models monitor pools up to 24' round or 16' x 32' oval*. The PoolEye(TM) PE12 is the standard aboveground pool model, and the PE13 for aboveground pools is equipped with both poolside and in-home remote alarms.

All inground PoolEyes(TM) monitor pools up to 18' x 36'*. The PE20 is PoolEye's(TM) standard inground pool alarm and the PE21, also for inground pools, comes with both poolside and in-home remote alarms and a poolside air/water temperature monitor. In addition to subsurface wave detection technology, the PoolEye(TM) PE22 for inground pools features an added layer of protection Infrared "Night Vision", which monitors the pool area. The PE22 also comes equipped with an in-home remote alarm that alerts you with human voice announcements and/or siren, depending on the level of intrusion.

LAYER 1 - Perimeter Detection

  • Preventive alert system
  • Passive infrared motion detector (PIR) range of 180 degrees and up to 50'
  • Independent On/Off control with child-proof lock
  • In-home remote receiver features voice announcements when perimeter alarm is set off
  • Automatic reset in 30 seconds
  • Adjustable PIR sensitivity

LAYER 2 - Immersion Detection

  • Patented sub-surface wave detection
  • Sensor placed below water surface eliminates false alarms due to wind, rain, falling leaves, etc.
  • Detects objects 15 lbs or more
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 120 dB alarm siren, 95 dB at 10 ft. at poolside

System Features

  • ETL listed to UL 464
  • Child-proof ON/OFF switch with audio indicator
  • Stainless steel deck mounting system and ladder mounting system included
    - Automatic low battery check - chirps every 60 seconds
    - Recommended for pools up to 18' x 36' (larger pools require an additional alarm)
  • Power check test button
  • Water-resistant/weatherproof construction
  • Interactive weather-resistant control
  • Back-up 9 Volt battery (not incl.) for remote
  • Poolside unit operates on 6 AA batteries (not incl.)
  • Bilingual installation/operation manual
  • Bilingual 4-color box

Remote Features

  • Built-in RF channel A or B select
  • Remote receives signal up to 100' away
  • Remote can be connected to a home security system
  • Remote announces "check the pool" 3x when perimeter alarm signal detected
  • Remote announces "emergency! check the pool!" and sounds alarm when underwater alarm signal received
  • Remote announces "check the battery" when low battery signal received from poolside unit
  • Remote uses AC power adapter (UL/CSA listed)
  • Back-up 9 Volt battery (not incl.) for remote


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