Baquacil Kit 8 Sanitizer | 8 Shock | 2 Algaecide

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Baquacil Santizer & Algistat: 1/2 Gallon Bottle (Qty: 8)
Baquacil Shock & Oxidizer: 1 Gallon Bottles (Qty: 8)
Baquacil Algicide: 32 oz. Bottle (Qty: 2)

Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat:

Baquacil Swimming Pool Sanitizer & Algistat is a chlorine-free polymeric sanitizer that is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms. Bescause it forms insoluble complexes with pool contaminan's, Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat works in conjunction with the filter to physically remove impurities from the water as it sanitizes. Unlike chlorine and bromine based sanitizerrs, the Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat is not affected by sunlight, water temperature, or pH fluctuations. This stability allows a pool to be properly maintained for longer periods, generally 7-14 days depending on consumption patterns, before additional Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat is required. This provides more consistent bacteria control and greater ease of operation. Pool owners should check the level of Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat weekly using Baquacil Test Strips and top up when necessary.

Baquacil Shock & Oxidizer:

Baquacil Shock & Oxidizer is a non-chlorine oxidizer used to maintain good water clarity by oxidizing organic compounds from swimmer waster and environmental debris. Baquacil Shock & Oxidizer should not be used in swimming pools with chlorine or bromine sanitizers as it will disrupt and ruin the effectiveness of the Baquacil System.

Baquacil Algicide:

Baquacil Algicide is a supplemental quaternary ammonium algicide used weekly in pools on the Baquacil System for control over more resistant algae.