BioGuard Strip Kwik Pool Filter Cleaner - 1 qt.

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BioGuard Strip-Kwikremoves oil and grease from any type filter. Proper filtration and chemical treatment are equally important in maintaining good swimming pool water. Body oils and suntan lotions, which collect in the pool filter, reduce the filters efficiency. Use of this product promotes better filtration, lengthens filter cycles, and reduces maintenance costs. This product should be used twice each season for residential pools and every six weeks in heavily-used pools and commercial pools.


  • Removes grease and oil from filters
  • Keeps filter working at optimum performance
  • Recommended for sand and cartridge filters


  • D.E. and Cartridge Filter:
    • Turn pump off
    • Remove elements/cartridges from filter and rinse off loose debris
    • Evenly coat filter with clean spray bottle
    • Wait 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with garden hose for 5 minutes
    • Mix 1 qt. per 3 qt. of water in clean bucket and soak elements/cartridge for 1 hour; rinse thoroughly
  • Sand Filter:
    • Remove all chlorine products from skimmer basket. Turn off chemical feeder or generator if applicable
    • Backwash filter and turn pump off
    • Pour product through skimmer
    • Place filter in backwash position
    • Turn pump on until it primes and Strip Kwik is in filter
    • Turn pump off and close valves
    • Let soak for 1 hour
    • Run pump and filter in backwash position until discharge changes from purple to clear


  • All In-Ground Pools
  • All Above-Ground Pools