ClearView Mineral Magnet 32 oz

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Suspended metals in pool water are a source for potential staining. ClearView Mineral Magnet is a highly concentrated formula for effectively removing iron, copper, manganese, and other metals from pool water to restore water clarity. ClearView Mineral Magnet also removes metal stains and scale from pool surfaces and equipment and is compatible with all treatment systems.

Product Features:

  • Excellent for removing metals & stains
  • Helps prevent staining from iron and copper
  • Eliminates water discoloration from oxidized metals
  • Highly concentrated
  • Easy to use (no mixing)
  • Works on all types of pools


  • Maintenance dose is 3 oz. per 1,000 gallons per week
  • For pools with iron, copper, manganese, or other metals, use 32 oz. per 10,000 gallons
  • For stain prevention, use 1 quart per 20,000 gallons if test indicates metals above 3 ppm
  • Apply directly to the pool water
  • For best results, use during early afternoon or evening when water temperatures are above 60 degrees
  • Temporary clouding may occur upon addition