ClearView Total Alkalinity Increaser 25 lb

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ClearView Total Alkalinity in pool water acts as a buffer against pH change. Low total alkalinity may be a result of the make-up of source water or other chemicals used in the maintenance of the pool. This helps prevent pool staining, plaster etching or liner wrinkling. Low total alkalinity can make it difficult to keep the pH in balance and cause the water to become corrosive. Total Alkalinity raises the total alkalinity to help prevent these problems without increasing the pH.

Product Benefits:

  • Raises Total Alkalinity
  • Easy to use (no mixing)
  • Eliminates "pH Bounce"
  • 100% Active ingredient
  • Effective for all types of pools
  • Prevents corrosion of equipment


  • 2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons = 24 ppm rise
  • Distribute directly into the pool water with the pump running
  • Refer to the addition chart to determine amount needed