ClearView Insta-Chlor Chlorinated Pool Shock 1 lb

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ClearView's Insta-Chlor is a highly effective, multi-purpose product that sanitizes, clarifies, helps prevent algae and shock treat your pool. It is convenient, easy to use, and won't over-stabilize your pool.

Product Benefits:

  • Multifunctional Formula: shocks, clarifies and oxidizes
  • Can be used with vinyl and plaster pools
  • Restores water sparkle
  • No measuring or mixing
  • Removes chloramines and other water soluble compounds from pool water
  • Convenient pre-measured bags
  • Kills bacteria
  • Super chlorinates

Dosage Directions

  1. When the pool isn't in use, broadcast Insta-Chlor directly into deep end of the pool with the pump running
  2. Apply 1 bag of Insta-Chlor per 10,000 gallons every other week or 1 bag per 20,000 gallons every week
  3. Inst-Chlor doesn't need to be pre-dissolved if added to a depth greater than 4 feet
  4. Swimming should not resume until the chlorine level is within the range of 1-4ppm