SoftSwim Kit 2 Softswim A | 12-1/2 Gal SoftSwim B | 12 Gal SoftSwim C (Includes Free Test Strips)

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What's Inside:

Softswim A Algicide: 32 oz. Bottle (Qty: 2)
Softswim B Sanitizer & Algistat: 1/2 Gallon Bottle (Qty: 12)
Softswim C Shock & Oxidizer: 1 Gallon Bottle (Qty: 12)

Softswim A Algicide:

The first step in the SoftSwim Program, Softswim A acts as the first defense against algaecide. Using an effective algaecide is an important first step in your pool care regimen for inhibiting and controlling the growth of algae.

Softswim B Sanitizer & Algistat:

The second step in the SoftSwim Program, Softswim B acts as the sanitizer to fight off and kill bacteria. Using SoftSwim B will enhance the overall quality of your swim time, giving you peace of mind that your pool water is safe to swim in.

Softswim C Shock & Oxidizer:

The third step in the SoftSwim Program, Softswim C acts as the oxidizer and clarifier to guarantee sparkling clear water. Use SoftSwim C on a monthly basis to maintain clarity. This powerful clarifier and oxidizer helps you keep the sparkle in your water longer by removing contaminants that can cause cloudiness.