AquaChek TruTest Spa Digital Test Strip Reader

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AquaChek TruTest Spa Digital Test Strip Reader gives spa owners the most accurate way to test the 3 crucial components of hot tub chemistry: pH, free chlorine or bromine, and alkalinity. This system vastly improves hot tub chemistry testing by providing an easy-to-read digital readout of test results, eliminating guesswork or color matching. TruTest Spa Digital Test Strip Reader gives you an accurate measurement of these three critical components within one minute of test strip insertion, makes this the easiest and best testing system you will ever use.


  • Numerical test results for Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity
  • LOW | OK | HIGH indicators for each test parameter
  • Water-resistant
  • Memory function will store the last 9 test results
  • Power source: 2AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Sixty (60) day limited manufacturer's warranty

Kit Includes:

  • TruTest Spa Digital Test Strip Reader
  • User's guide in 15 languages
  • Spa Care and Treatment Information
  • 25 TruTest Digital Strips
  • FAQs for the AquaChek TruTest Test Strip Reader

Test Parameters:

  • FC, 0-1ppm range +/- 0.3ppm : 3-10ppm range +/- 1ppm
  • pH, entire range +/- 0.1pH
  • TA, entire range +/-30ppm
  • It can be noted that as with any test, technique consistency will improve precision results.

Dynamic Test Range:

  • FC, 0-15ppm
  • pH, 6.1-8.8
  • TA, 0-300ppm