Encore Cool Pool Concrete Deck Composite Coating Full Kit

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Cool Pool Deck Coating is a one-of-a-kind pool deck coating from Encore that repairs and resurfaces your concrete pool deck while reducing heat build-up by as much as 38%. Cool can be applied over existing pool deck surfaces and helps keep them cool as well. Cool is also easy to apply. Cool is applied with an ordinary paint roller and dries in minutes.

Cool Pool Benefits:

  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft. (1 coat) - Requires 2 coats
  • Tints to any color by adding a gallon of acrylic paint to the kit
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Most sanitary pool deck coating on the market
  • Cost-effective, affordable
  • Guaranteed for as long as you own your home! 10-year commercial warranty

You have found the only pool deck paint coating on the market that keeps your pool deck cool on hot summer days. Cool can be applied over existing Kool-Deck and cement-based pool deck coatings to give them a fresh appearance that either maintains or develops a cooling feature. It can also be applied to bare concrete surfaces. Cool’s proprietary formulation can reduce heat build-up by up to 38%! Cool also completes minor repairs to your deck, filling in small cracks (1/8″ or less) and helps prevent further deterioration of the surface. Cool is a two-coat application. Most pool decks can be completed in one day. Apply one to two coats of clear acrylic sealer to protect and increase ease of cleaning. Cool’s revolutionary technology leaves behind a comfortable, yet skid-resistant walking surface that’s ADA-compliant, even when it’s wet!

How To Apply Cool Pool
Simply mix one gallon of acrylic paint (your color choice) to the kit and apply Cool with an ordinary 3/8″, 1/2″ or 3/4″ nap paint roller to a clean, prepared surface. Cool dries within 30 minutes. Apply a second coat. Then a clear sealer. Your total coverage will amount to 400 square feet. Note that proper application requires 2 coats. Completed coverage per kit is approximately 200 sq.ft.. For example, if you have 1,000 square feet of deck to coat, you would order 5 kits.

How it Works
Unlike other coatings that attempt to reflect heat up and away from the pool deck (which is a bad idea when you and your family are on it), Cool uses a natural Law of Science to pull the heat into the soil below the pool deck where it then dissipates. This technology not only keeps your feet comfy and cool, it keeps the entire environment cooler! Cool has been proven to reduce heat buildup by up to 38% or more!

A Pool Deck Coating That Stays Cleaner
Unlike most pool deck coatings, Cool doesn’t rely on a profile of crevices and cavities to stay cool, so there’s nowhere for dirt and unsanitary lotions to reside for weeks and sometimes months. Cool’s uniform, slip-resistant surface is easily cleaned with soap and water so your pool deck is easy to maintain. Apply Encore’s SealBack Nano-Acrylic Sealer for extra protection and cleanliness!

A Durable Pool Deck Coating
Cool chemistry develops a strong, molecular bond with the concrete, insuring against peeling and chipping. Cool will also repair concrete, filling in cracks up to 1/8″ and sealing them permanently. When it’s time, Cool can withstand a rigorous pressure washing long after other coatings would have begun to peel or chip when subjected to the same conditions.

A Slip-Resistant Pool Deck Coating
Safety around pool areas is a top priority for property owners. Achieving the perfect balance between comfort and safety is a difficult task for pool coatings. Everyone wants to have a safe, slip-resistant pool deck coating, but too much slip-resistance could be a bad thing. Cool’s subtle texture is very comfortable, and still meets and exceeds commercial (ADA) safety requirements for slip-resistance, even when it’s wet.

An Affordable, Cost-Effective Pool Deck Coating
Given the benefits, you’d expect Cool to be considerably more expensive than other options, but it’s not. It’s actually the most affordable, especially if you consider it’s superior service life. Depending on the condition of your concrete deck, all materials necessary to complete the job will typically average $1-$2 per square foot. Your investment is only pennies per square foot when spread over the service life!