Speck BADU Model 21-80/33G 5.0 THP Single Speed Flooded Suction Pump 208V-230V

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Speck BADU Model 21-80/33GS 5.0 THP Single Speed Self Priming Pump 208V-230V

Experience superior pool circulation with Speck BADU Model 21-80/33GS 5.0 THP Single Speed Self Priming Pump 208V-230V. This high-performance pump offers easy installation, reliable operation, and efficient pool circulation for crystal-clear water. With its self-priming feature and powerful performance, Speck Model 21-80/33GS Pump is the ideal choice for maintaining a clean and inviting swimming pool, providing exceptional quality and performance for all your pool needs.

Product Specifications:

  • This high-performance pump includes a unique mechanical shaft seal that allows it to run dry for up to one hour, even if not handled properly, ensuring its durability
  • The pump is designed for use with pool water containing salt concentrations of up to 5000 ppm (for higher concentrations, please contact 1-800-223-8538), and it is made of non-corrosive, chemical/UV resistant materials that can withstand temperatures of up to 175℉.
  • All models of this pump are equipped with 4" quick disconnect unions for easy installation and removal, providing added convenience
  • The pump features a heavy-duty "1081" E-plus® /extreme-E™ energy-efficient pool motor with a large 56 frame that is thermally protected, eliminating the need for a motor starter. It also has a PSC switchless design and extra large sealed ball bearings for enhanced performance
  • The motor of this pump is easy to remove without disturbing the plumbing, and reusable o-rings are used throughout, simplifying maintenance
  • Every pump undergoes performance testing before leaving the Speck factory, ensuring its quality and reliability, and providing peace of mind to customers
Total Horsepower 5.0
Volts 208V-230V
Amps 21.0-19.4
Motor Open Drip Proof
Frame 56Y