Pool Shot Wing-It Basketball Game for Above Ground Pools

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Pack the rugged quality and patented design made famous by the original Pool Shot Varsity into a scaled down version and get the Wing-It. There is one for in-ground pools and another for above-ground pools. Both feature Pool Shot's signature winged backboard, a double wing design that captures errant shots from mid-air and not only keeps them from flying out of the pool, but also returns them towards the shooter. It's like having legendary rebounders Dennis Rodman and Bill Russell on the team! You can even do trick shots off the wings, hit the right spot and swoosh…two points!

Above Ground Pools

Developing a rugged game to suit a variety of above-ground and on-ground pools was a tall order. But Pool Shot engineers devised a clever system that includes an extended length support pole standing over seven feet tall. The winged backboard may be attached to any section of the pole to accommodate virtually any height or capacity pool.

Instead of standing on the rugged, Wing-It base, the Wing-It for Above Ground Pools features Pool Shot's all-new, proprietary ground sleeve support system. A rotationally molded poly sleeve is installed in a small patch of concrete in the ground beside the pool. The pole simply slides into the sleeve for instant game play! The pole is easily removed for storage and a handy plug (included) safely covers the sleeve.

Comes With:

  • Rugged, UV-resistant Winged Backboard
  • Rugged, UV-resistant base with two drink holders and a basketball holder (#WI-1156 only)
  • Ground support sleeve and plug (#WI-711 only)
  • 2-3/8" diameter, powder coated aluminum support pole set
  • Two additional 23" extension poles (above-ground Model #WI-711 only)
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum hardware
  • Waterproof vinyl basketball
  • 15" diameter, zinc-coated steel rim suspended 30" above in-ground deck, 20" from top edge of 48" high above-ground pool
  • Easy to follow, illustrated quick-assembly instructions
  • Ships in a single package via UPS
  • One-year warranty


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