ClearView Chlor Free Shock & Swim 15 - 1 Lb Bag

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Non-chlorine shock oxidizer that removes organic contaminants and improves water clarity.

What's Inside

  • 1 lb bags of ClearView Chlor Free Shock & Swim 15

Product Benefits:

  • Active Ingredient: 45% Potassium Monopersulfate
  • Equivalent to 3.26% active oxygen
  • Removes chloramines
  • Safe with Chlorine, Bromine, and copper/silver sanitizer systems
  • Will not raise Chlorine to unsafe levels
  • Re-enter pool as quickly as 15 minutes after application
  • Restores sparkle and clarity to dull water
  • Will not bleach or fade vinyl liners

When to Use

  • For initial treatment at pool opening
  • Weekly for maintenance
  • After heavy use
  • After heavy rain or wind
  • At pool closing

Dosage Directions:

  • Add 1 pound of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool water each week. NOTE: Add only when no bathers are present. Bathers can return to the pool after 15 minutes.
  • Broadcast product uniformly over the surface of the water, adding 2/3 of the total dose into the deep end of the pool.
  • Run the pool filter for at least 8 hours.
  • For initial treatment or when opening or closing pools for the season, add 2 pounds of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool water.


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    Posted by Cindy on 5th Aug 2021

    The product wasn't what I thought I ordered it wasn't as big as the package shown and they made me think I was getting 15 packages on clearance they said the regular price was over $70 and on sale for $9.99 for 15 - 1 lb bags what a lie and misleading and they have no way of cancelling your order